Campaign helps foster culture of mindful technology

Fundación MAPFRE initiative reaches out to students, teachers and parents
Schoolchildren taking part in one of the campaign initiatives.

Various schools have taken part in a campaign dedicated to promoting a healthy balance between digital service usage and everyday life during this past scholastic year

The Logging Off Campaign 2023-2024, organised by Fundación MAPFRE, helped raised awareness and fostering a culture of mindful technology among 70,000 students, teachers and parents. This was achieved through various interactive workshops, strategic marketing campaigns and engaging social media posts.

Interactive learning experiences

The workshops were designed to be both informative and interactive, offering participants practical tips and strategies to manage their screen time effectively. By engaging directly with students and educators, Fundación MAPFRE was able to create a dialogue about the benefits of reducing excessive device use and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Spreading the message far and wide

The marketing campaigns, delivered through a mix of traditional and digital media, were instrumental in broadening the reach of the Logging Off Campaign. The visual and emotional appeal of the campaigns helped to highlight the significance of digital wellness in today’s fast-paced world.

A platform for engagement

Social media played a pivotal role in amplifying the campaign’s reach. By leveraging various platforms, it engaged with thousands of individuals, sparking conversations and encouraging them to reflect on their own digital habits. The use of hashtags and creative content helped to build a community of like-minded individuals committed to achieving a healthier balance between screen time and real life.

Moving forward

As the Logging Off Campaign 2023-2024 comes to an end, Fundación MAPFRE remains hopeful that the lessons learned and the habits formed will continue to influence daily lives.

The foundation encourages everyone to keep rocking that balance between the use of devices and enjoying life’s moments.

‘Let’s stay mindful, stay connected and prioritise our well-being,’ it augurs.

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