Learn the ancient art of Chinese painting and calligraphy

Summer course open to art enthusiasts aged 8 and above
Chinese calligraphy is a visual expression of the Chinese language, combining aesthetics with linguistic elements.

The China Cultural Centre in Malta is offering a special summer course focused on traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. It is open to beginners and art enthusiasts aged eight and above.

Participants will discover the delicate techniques and rich history of these ancient practices, which are celebrated for their exquisite skill and cultural significance.

In China, traditional painting is distinguished from Western art by being referred to as national or native painting. There are two primary techniques in Chinese painting: the gongbi technique, which features precise, detailed brushstrokes and vibrant colours, and the ink-and-wash technique, which uses black ink in varying concentrations.

Chinese calligraphy, the artistic writing of Chinese characters, merges visual art with the interpretation of literary meaning. Highly esteemed among ancient Chinese scholars, this art form has been widely practised and passed down through generations in China.

The summer course will be held at the China Cultural Centre from July 9 to August 16. Lessons will take place every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 to 11.30am.

Limited slots are available. For more information and to register, e-mail events2024ccc@gmail.com. More details are also available on the centre’s Facebook page.

The China Cultural Centre is located at 173, Melita Street, Valletta.

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