5 gorgeous coves for a cheeky swim

Looking for crystal clear waters?
Gorgeous Slugs Bay

Summer’s hitting like a hot brick, and the beaches fill up pretty quickly. If you’re looking for a spot to relax and work on your tan without the crowds, here are a few of my favourite places.

Għar Lapsi

Located near Siġġiewi, this charming and secluded inlet is perfect for swimming and snorkelling. This natural cave is unique for its clear, shallow waters and fascinating underwater caves. Once you’re done exploring, you can lay down on the rocky shoreline to work on your tan or head over to one of the nearby restaurants for a nice seafood platter.

Fomm ir-Riħ Bay

Found in the western coast of the island, Fomm ir-Riħ Bay is known to be one of Malta’s most stunning and remote beaches. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the dramatic limestone cliffs, pebble beach, and crystal-clear turquoise waters. You’ll need to hike to get there, so remember to wear good runners.

Slugs Bay

You’ll find Slugs Bay in between Mellieħa and Ċirkewwa on the northern coast. This secluded beach is only accessible via a challenging pathway, which means you won’t find many people around. The cove is an excellent spot for snorkelling and enjoying marine life while enjoying the views of the rugged cliffs and lush greenery.

Kalanka Bay

Drive south to Delimiara to find il-Kalanka Bay, a beautiful spot known for its pristine waters. This cove is famous for its stunning landscapes and nearby historical sites. Enjoy the peaceful environment with a good book or take in the scenery of natural rock formations, small caves, and clear, blue water.

Wied il-Għasri, Gozo

If you’re in Gozo, make sure to check out Wied il-Għasri, known for its dramatic landscape, high cliffs, and its narrow strip of water that extends inland. The excellent visibility makes this cove perfect for marine lovers who want to snorkel. 

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