Science event to explore hidden truths of the brain

Kids Dig Science to demystify Alice in Wonderland

The meandering pathways of neuroscience will be explored in a fun and child-friendly way through Lewis Carroll’s famous tale Alice in Wonderland in the next Kids Dig Science event taking place at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta on March 11 at 3pm.

The event is being held during Brain Awareness Week (March 13 to 19), a global campaign that aims to foster public enthusiasm and support for brain science. Every March, partners host imaginative activities in their communities that share the wonders of the brain and the impact brain science has on our everyday lives.

The team behind Kids Dig Science will do just that as they explain how Lewis Carroll’s tales contain some hidden truths about the human brain that are still inspiring neuroscientists until this day.

Demystifying Alice’s Wonderland will feature scriptwriter and puppeteer Sean Briffa and actor Jeremy Grech. For more information, visit the event’s Facebook page. Tickets are available here.

Kids Dig Science is a concept thought up by the Science in the City team at the Malta Chamber of Scientists for Spazju Kreattiv’s Żigużajg season. The monthly events offer a different topic to explore, which each performance offering a mix of fantasy, science and laughter, and followed by hands-on fun.

The project is organised by the Malta Chamber of Scientists with the support of the Art Council Malta’s Programme Support Fund.

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