Pembroke library to host reading event for children

Young readers to listen to adventures from ‘Miskit, the Brave Stoat’
The event’s poster

Author Karl Schembri will be reading excerpts from his children’s book, Miskit: The Brave Stoat, at the Pembroke Public Library on May 16 at 4.30pm.

The book, published last year, follows a young stoat, who is lost in the woods. Here she forges an unlikely friendship with a fox, a snail and some lost humans, setting off on a journey of self-discovery and bravery that teaches her to find meaning in life’s challenges and fears.

The book’s cover

The inspiring and heartwarming story, based on the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Better Learning Programme character, aims to promote understanding and hope for displaced children who have experienced traumatic events, while also serving as a valuable tool for educators and caregivers worldwide to engage children in important discussions about empathy, resilience and mental health.

The event on May 16 is suitable for young readers aged 6+. The author will also be holding a small activity after the reading which should entertain all children.

The event is free and will be delivered entirely in English. For more information, visit pembroke.library@gov.mt.

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