5 tips to get organised

Make the most of your home’s storage space

We’ve all been there – winter’s coming to an end and you suddenly realise that the cold season’s clutter has turned your home into a disaster zone. Getting re-organised when you’re switching seasons and making the most of your home’s storage space can be a daunting task.

To help keep clutter at bay and streamline organization throughout the house, we found some handy hacks for revamping your closets and designated storage areas from the experts at ClosetMaid.

Determine your goal

Create a plan of attack and sketch out a closet design, accounting just for things you want to keep.

Accessorise your closet

Spruce up your closet with stylish storage accessories like drawers, shelves and sturdy, matching hangers.

Get colorful

Get your closets in tip-top shape with a ClosetMaid ShelfTrack system in white with colorful and patterned fabric bins.

Relieve clutter stress

Keep clutter at bay with functional materials and extras that allow you to make the most of every aspect of the room.

Meet your needs

Inspire and streamline organization throughout the whole house by redirecting clutter and taking advantage of adjustable shelving.

For more home hacks, check out ClosetMaid.com.

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