Coming out stronger

Sister duo The New Victorians have just released their new single, Be Fine, from their album Thick Skin.

Last year the sister duo released their second full-length studio album; a 13-track
body of work about two sisters in their late 20s, grappling with life, motherhood, and what it means to be a woman with ‘thick skin’.

Their latest single and video, one of the darkest on the album, is all about the times you
feel helpless when a situation is out of your control. “…when you can’t fix the problem
and you hate to watch a friend/child/loved one suffer through whatever they’re going
through on their own” says Philippa.

“The idea for the song came before I became a mother, when I was seeing friends of
mine suffer with their mental health during the pandemic, and feeling there was nothing
I could do to fix anything. I couldn’t even be physically present,” says Bettina, the older
of the two.

“Now having since had my first child, and expecting my second, the song
seems to take on a whole new meaning to me. In so many ways, we want to protect our
children and make sure they don’t get hurt, or ever have to go through anything
uncomfortable. But I’ve also learned that, sometimes, you’ve got to let your child pass
through that hard phase, to come out of it stronger and grow out of it.”

Be Fine was produced by The New Victorians with additional production, mixing and
mastering by Howard Keith at Jagged House Studios. The official music video was
directed and produced by Steven Levi Vella & Clive Brincat, featuring Matthias Camilleri
and Seed Dance Studios.

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