Holy Week theatre production

Dwal Ġodda strives to rekindle a community spirit through theatre

If mankind is a race of the ‘banished children of Eve’, can there be heaven on earth through following the Nazarene’s words and deeds when put in practice in everyday life?

These thematics are brought to the fore in this year’s Dwal Ġodda s theatre production for Holy Week, Nida, at the group’s theatrical space in Gharghur.  The Dwal Ġodda group has been striving to rekindle a community/familial spirit through their various productions with a plethora of themes. These invariably analyse life’s joys and sorrows, possibly sparking off a rehearsal for the revolution needed so that this planet becomes a home not just a cold house.

With this aim in mind, Dwal Ġodda has posited this year’s Good Friday’s NIDA production within five performances for small audiences. From the March 29 to April 1 at 8pm and on Sunday April 2 at 3pm so that the audience can proceed to partake in the traditional Good Friday traditional procession is held on Palm Sunday.

Bookings are accepted on on 79014804 / 79092624 or on dwalgoddatheatre@gmail.com. For other theatre-related posts, check this interview about The Shrinking Violet’s production In Other Words.

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