‘I may not be everyone’s cup of tea’

MarieClaire Portelli is a photographer and content creator with over 21,500 followers on Instagram. She is best known for her stunning monochromatic and minimalistic feed.
MarieClaire Portelli
MarieClaire Portelli

Describe your social media game: Not treating it as a game. When I started, I was trying to figure out who I am as a person and what my style is. Once I found it, I stuck it out and will continue to do so. There is nothing more beautiful than being true to yourself and not giving in to trends or what other people might think of you.

Your followers tend to be: They’re mostly females in my age group who are into photography. They hail from all over the world, though, which is wonderful.

What made you take up such a career? I don’t think it’s a career you decide to take up, but the career that chooses you in a way. In fact, when I started out in 2012, the word ‘influencer’ was not in most people’s vocabulary. I’m just a person who loves taking photos and being in the photos some of the times. Somewhere in between doing this, I started to gain followers, making friends online, and endorsing brands that I believe in.

What do you believe is the role of an influencer? The term ‘influencer’ often gets a lot of hate and I almost get why people aren’t fans. Calling yourself ‘an influencer’ can sound self-centred because it’s just like saying: look at me; I have followers. But the word influencer refers to so many people: politicians, celebrities, content creators, etc. You can have a neighbour who influenced you in one way or another or a childhood friend. So, to answer the question, once you have eyes on you, you better be setting a good example.

Why do you believe your content is relatable? My style is minimal and monochrome, so I may not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, I believe that sticking to what I believe in and being myself is the more relatable part of what I do.

Who do you follow online, and why? A lot of beautiful human beings who are positive and motivating. People with drive, ambition, and beautiful content… I must admit, I am a sucker for a cohesive feed. If I see a well-curated feed, they’ve already got me hooked!

TikTok – evil or amazing? Can you ever call an app that steals hours from your day amazing?! Although this may be an unpopular opinion, I think it’s evil.

I want to up my social media game. What do I do? Be you: learn to love yourself and then go online and be you. People want to see reality so post frequently, post honestly, and enjoy the ride!

How often do you post? Once or, at most, twice a day.

Can spontaneity and influencer co-exist? I like having a curated feed because it brings me joy, so I plan it in around a month in advance to make sure everything goes well together. There would be times where the feed would need to be readjusted last minute due to certain events… like when I got proposed to! That wasn’t planned and I was bursting with emotion so I couldn’t not post about it when it happened!

Any nasty stalker stories? Not that I know of and, hopefully, never. I once had a stalker in real life and that wasn’t fun so definitely don’t want to experience that online.

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