‘I have a wacky sense of fashion that is most often not relatable’

Caroline Paris is a stylist and content creator with a 21,000-strong following. She shares how her social media game has changed over the years.
Photo: Kurt Paris

Describe your social media game: My game has historically been about fashion and the wider peripherals surrounding it: a focus on creating outfits and exploring trends and fashion designers, merged with a dose of beauty, make-up and travel. I don’t include too much information about my personal life in the channel, but I do try to talk about my daily routines in terms of how I eat, how I exercise, how I take care of my mental health, and how I juggle my different careers. 

Your followers tend to be: Women, though the age groups can be quite varied. Seeing as I’m not quite a teen anymore, I do tend to have more followers over the age of 26, but it seems that some under-20s still find my content relevant, which sometimes takes me by surprise.

What made you take up such a career? I’m not sure I’d call it a career, as I’ve always had other main careers. Talking about fashion and sharing my passion for it on social media or a blog has just been something I have now done for over 10 years. I find that people are more engaged when I am being true to myself. Of course, in the beginning and especially when it started to become more recognised here in Malta, I was guilty, like most people, of accepting collaborations and assignments that were not true to me – you can’t help it, it’s flattering to be asked! However, I now realise this is a mistake and I prefer being true to my style and identity.

What do you believe is the role of an influencer? This doesn’t have one answer; there is no role because it really depends on who you are as a person and what you’re all about. The term ‘influencer’ is actually something I dislike because, well, what does it even mean? I feel that whatever the nature of the so-called influencer’s story might be, what is crucial is that the person is honest with their followers and does not pretend to believe in a product or something that they don’t. 

Why do you believe your content is relatable? I don’t know if it is! I think I have a wacky sense of fashion that is most often not relatable, but I think it has its fun side and, hopefully, there are parts of how I like to dress that people can find relatable. I’ve also recently branched into talking more about my fitness journey, which has become important to me. I know that some people enjoy seeing the workout clothes and the actual workouts!

Who do you follow online, and why? I follow mainly fashion influencers, fashion brands, and magazines. I am truly a fashion-obsessed individual; I live and breathe clothes and the rest of it and I’m at my happiest when I am working on styling an outfit or analysing the latest trends.

TikTok – evil or amazing? Why? I think like every other platform, it has the tacky content and the great content. What I do like is that it has given rise to less-polished content: I enjoy editorial campaigns and that implication of perfection, but if I am going to follow an influencer regularly, I would probably want to see some more regularity too. As for the influencers, it allows them to post more regularly without needing to spend hours editing every story.

I want to up my social media game. What do I do? I would say to first understand what direction you’d like to take, and which subject you are passionate about. Very few people manage to be about everything all at once so, while it’s not impossible, I think it’s easier to start with a narrower idea that you can gain traction and recognition on. Treat it like starting any other business: profile your target audience and zoom in on how you can be of service to them.

How often do you post? I try to post at least a couple of stories per day and then photos and/or reels once or twice a week.

Can spontaneity and influencer co-exist? Yes, I think they can. I also think audiences appreciate real-time, especially when there is something happening they would like a front-row view to.

Any nasty stalker stories? No, thankfully!

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