‘I see TikTok as an addictive time-suck’

Malcolm Gauci is a three-time Malta Fashion Awards -winning stylist, and a content creator with over 17,000 followers. He shares how he creates a connection with his followers.
Malcolm Gauci
Malcolm Gauci. Photo: Gary Bugeja

Describe your social media game: I usually focus on menswear and all-things fashion, including my styling work. I also include lifestyle content, such as health and fitness posts. More recently, I’ve been including content related to my new house, too. Whatever the topic, I always strive to publish high-quality, minimal, and, most importantly, relatable content.

Your followers tend to be: It’s a mix, to be honest, but mostly men (he/him/his) who are interested in fashion; however, I also have a good percentage of females (she/her/hers), who engage well whenever I post my styling work and home-related content.

What made you take up such a career? I started out on socials to create content featuring my daily outfits, as well as to showcase my work as a fashion stylist. Before I knew it, my Instagram account was growing quickly, and I developed a great connection with my followers. As a people’s person, social media has given me the opportunity to share the things I love and connect with others who share similar interests.

What do you believe is the role of an influencer? The role of an influencer is to educate and inspire their followers by sharing their experiences, insights, and knowledge, making them a valuable source of information and inspiration.

Why do you believe your content is relatable? I try my best to post content which is relatable to a wide audience. Although my feed posts are usually related to fashion or interiors, I try to mix things up on my stories and share other parts of my life so that people can relate on a more personal level.

Who do you follow online, and why? Anyone with interesting content that appeals to my likings to be honest. My feed is usually a mix of fashion, fitness, interior design, and, obviously, dogs.

TikTok – evil or amazing? Why? Somehow, both? I see TikTok as an addictive time-suck, but among all of the tasteless content, you can sometimes find some extremely informative videos that make all the scrolling worthwhile – especially shopping hauls and hacks, love them!

I want to up my social media game. What do I do? Post high-quality content more frequently to reach a greater audience. Also, be yourself and trust the process: it can take a while until you start seeing the results, but don’t stress too much as social media does work in strange ways sometimes.

How often do you post? Although I would love to go back to posting daily, I’m currently posting twice a week to keep the engagement high.

Can spontaneity and influencer co-exist? Love it! Spontaneity is fun and still involves some form of creativity, so it definitely works.

Any nasty stalker stories? Not particularly, but receiving random nudes from a random follower is pretty nasty. Sometimes people get the impression that it’s okay to forget about the boundaries with someone who has some sort of presence on social media and invade their privacy.

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