5 Easter activities to share with the kids

Child has some crafty ideas to help you make the most of your time with your children this Easter
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Easter is a great time for families. Whether you are thinking of the religious aspect, the Easter Bunny, your family and friends, or all three, it should be something special.

Children have a break from school and many parents take some time off work to spend some quality time with their children.

There are indeed many Easter activities that can be shared by adults and children alike, including the following crafty ideas.


Like Christmas, Easter is a great time for decorating the home with seasonal trinkets. This provides an excellent opportunity to get the children involved in making decorations.

The internet is full of great Easter-themed craft tutorials, from making your very own Easter Bunny ears to making paper baskets to collect Easter eggs in.

Egg colouring

Dyeing and decorating Easter eggs is an ancient tradition which can be dated back to the early Christians of Mesopotamia, who would dye eggs red in memorial of the blood shed by Christ at his crucifixion.

Today, colouring eggs is a fun activity which allows children to express their creativity while learning about Easter. Food colouring can be used to create an enormous amount of effects which can then be entered into a family Easter egg competition, with the winner receiving a small prize.

Let the children help with dessert

When most of us think of Easter food, we think of chocolate eggs but there is much more to Easter dining than that.

Gather the family together for a sumptuous Sunday roast and let the children help with dessert. Chocolate cornflake cakes can be transformed into bird’s nests, complete with chocolate eggs, or you could all get stuck in and bake delicious treats.

Relate the story of Easter

Whether you are religious or not, the story of Easter is a fantastic and important one, with a great message. You may want to take some time out to tell the children the meaning behind all of the festivities and traditions you have taken part in, reinforcing what they have learnt at school or in doctrine classes.

For more fun activities to do this Easter and in the coming school holidays, check out these events and some more ideas here. For more Child articles, click here.

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