Spotlight on animals: Dobby finds a forever home

Video courtesy of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare.

When Roxanne and Kristian saw Dobby’s cute snout on Facebook, they fell in love with the fuzzy fellow immediately. Knowing the doggo’s sad background of abuse and neglect, they started out with weekly visits, spending time with him and letting him get used to their presence.

Before too long, Dobby started feeling more and more comfortable, looking forward to the couple’s visits. Eventually, the decision to adopt was taken. Even so, his traumatic past was never too far off and the smallest noise would send him into hiding.

Today, Dobby is a transformed dog, travelling with his new dog parents and living a full live. Successful adoption stories are truly heart-warming – to find out more how you can make a difference in an animal’s life, call the Commissioner for Animal Welfare on 79800046.

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