Maltese heavy metal band triumphs at ‘China’s Woodstock’

Lord Adder perform to an enthusiastic crowd at Midi Festival.
Lord Adder

Lord Adder, the acclaimed Maltese heavy metal band, recently embarked on an exhilarating journey to the heart of China, where they made history with an electrifying performance at the prestigious Midi Festival.

The Midi Festival, often dubbed “China’s Woodstock,” is celebrated for its eclectic mix of both local and international bands, and Lord Adder proudly joined this illustrious roster. 

Lord Adder stepped onto the grand stage of Midi Festival yesterday October 2, showcasing their unique sound and incredible talent to an audience of over 30,000 music aficionados. The band was met with an overwhelming wave of warmth and boundless energy, solidifying their place in the hearts of their newfound Chinese fans.

Lord Adder’s groundbreaking performance at Midi Festival marks a historic milestone, as they become the first Maltese band ever to grace this international stage. This accomplishment signifies the band’s growing global recognition and solidifies their status as musical trailblazers.

As they prepare to return to Malta on Thursday, Lord Adder eagerly anticipates the promising future that lies ahead, fuelled by the success of this remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more thrilling developments from Lord Adder as they continue to conquer new horizons in the world of heavy metal music.

Stay tuned for more updates on Lord Adder’s musical journey and their upcoming projects.

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