A theatre performance that explores fear and obsession

Għanqbut f’Moħħha, directed by Tyrone Grima, is an original play inspired by a Henry James short story. Dealing with the supernatural, it blurs the lines between reality and fantasy.

Is it all in the mind? This is the question posed by Għanqbut f’Moħħha, an original, one-hour-long theatre performance set to be staged for the first-time at the Valletta Campus Theatre. 

The piece is inspired by a short story penned by the American-British author Henry James, titled The Way It Came, and presents fear as a compelling instigator in the principal character, Isabel’s life and, eventually, her unfortunate destiny.  

Henry James is one of the most prominent authors of the 19th century, having written important works such as The Wings of the Dove, which tells the story of how an American heiress’s illness affects those around her, and The Portrait of a Lady, which is about a young woman whose inheritance makes her prey to two American expatriates. So, with that as the main stimulus behind the project, what can audiences expect in this original play?

In Għanqbut f’Moħħha, Isabel reopens an antiques shop that used to belong to her grandparents, but the place’s eerie past still haunts the present. The audience is then invited to join Harry, a journalist, as he investigates what’s happened to Ralph, Isabel’s fiancé, and Milly, her best friend. But is all this really happening or is it all in Isabel’s mind?

This performance is produced by seasoned theatre practitioner Sharon Bezzina, and producer and director Tyrone Grima. The cast is made up of Sharon Bezzina, André Mangion, Sarah-Lee Zammit, Bradley Cachia, and Miguel Formosa. 

Għanqbut f’Moħħha is supported by Arts Council Malta and MCAST, runs on April 14, 15, and 16, at the Valletta Campus Theatre. The audience is advised that smells and strobe lighting will be used throughout the performance. Tickets available on www.showshappening.com.

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