‘Every day can be as good as the weekend’

Gerard James Borg is the brains behind some of Malta’s steamiest and most talked-about novels in recent memory. He believes weekends are for luxuriating in PJs.
Gerard James Borg

The weekend starts: My weekend doesn’t necessarily mean a Saturday or a Sunday: I believe that every day can be as good as the weekend! But, to answer the question, my weekend starts when I finally manage to get my mind to unwind.

Early riser? Most definitely. I’m used to waking up early, and I like that I do. If I sleep in, I feel like I’ve wasted precious time from my day. I have no problems being an early bird. So, yeah, I’m an early riser… I love the morning without an alarm, to be fair, but then again, I am my own alarm!

I’m at my most relaxed when: I’m having a good laugh or reading a good book.

Go out or spend time in? In winter I get lazy, so I enjoy my time in, getting cosy, and all that! In summer, which is my favourite time of the year, I prefer spending time out of the house, whether that’s on the terrace or at a restaurant! I like dining out!

Guilty weekend pleasure: Two year-round guilty pleasures are scrolling through social media feeds and writing in bed. Then, in winter, I also enjoy spending a whole day in my pyjamas. Nothing like it! 

Saturdays give me time to: Go for walks and daydream.

Sundays are for: Jogging, family lunches, and being lazy.

My childhood weekends were: Playing boardgames and eating out on Sundays… The rest, I’m afraid, is a bit foggy!

I close off the weekend with: some social media scrolling to see what everyone is up to, reading, (finally) removing my pyjamas, and a long, long, long sleep! Amen.

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