Surreal, thought-provoking show set to challenge young audiences

‘Sin Circus’ explores socially relevant and universally relatable themes through the mediums of the seven deadly sins
Performers rehearsing for the show.

A new production from TOI TOI and Teatru Manoel Youth Training (TMYT) promises to take audiences on a fantastical – and multidisciplinary – journey to the circus.

Co-directed by Clare Ghigo, Charlotte Grech and Douglas Comley, Sin Circus explores socially relevant and universally relatable themes through the mediums of the seven deadly sins: pride, gluttony, lust, envy, greed, sloth and wrath.

And tapping into the training groups and mission of TMYT, the talented cast of young performers will transport the audience to a run-down, surreal circus to portray the sins using drama, opera and dance.

“The seven deadly sins are themes found throughout literature, both classical and contemporary, and resonate just as strongly with a youth group,” Grech says.

Sin Circus challenges the audience to look at itself and see if they can identify with any of the themes. It is held together through a black comedic script based on The Circus of the Seven Deadly Sins, a play by Jon Jory, with lots of space allowed for improvisation, arias and dance to further depict and explore the different themes.”

The freak-show-like circus setting, complete with a ringmaster, also helps Sin Circus to reflect both the human experience and the world of opera.

Ghigo says: “Many of the seven deadly sins such as envy, gluttony, pride and lust are usually key themes in operatic plots, while the circus setting enables the students to see these themes from a caricature outlook. This gives the directors and tutors creative insights to explore, as well as the opportunity to teach voice and theatrical gesticulation in a creative manner.”

“The circus setting enables the students to see these themes from a caricature outlook”

In keeping with TMYT’s mission to nurture young talent with professional training and performance opportunities, Sin Circus offers a chance for students of the three disciplines to work together and learn from each other. While audiences are invited to enjoy drama, opera and dance at the national theatre while looking into a surreal and thought-provoking mirror.

“TMYT brings together young artists to share skills and ideas and collaborate towards a unique end product,” Comley adds.

Sin Circus is also about exploring socially relevant subjects that impact us all every day. We are holding a mirror up to the audience so that they can discover the sin that they most relate to.”

The TOI TOI and TMYT production of Sin Circus will take place on April 22 at 6pm and 9pm, in the Studio Theatre at the Manoel Theatre. This production is suitable for audiences aged 11 and above. Tickets are available via www.teatrumanoel.mt or by e-mail to bookings@teatrumanoel.mt and telephone on (+356) 2124 6389.

For more insight into TOI TOI’s Learning and Participation Programme, read the following article. For more Child features, click here.

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