Getting the klikka over for a roof party?

A themed ‘silent disco’ may just keep you on speaking terms with the neighbours
Silent discos may just be the solution to end summer noise pollution.

Warm weather equals house parties al fresco, pre-drinks on the terrace (if you’re reading this you’re too old for the kerbside drinks crowd) and general fun times courtesy of our mild weather. Guess who won’t be in the mood to party the next day – your neighbours.

Because what’s a house party without music, right? What if I were to tell you that you can have your big bass without getting a knock from the police at precisely 11.01PM? Silent discos have gained considerably in popularity – Rock The South was possibly the first public festival to introduce the concept in Malta some six years ago, and the crowd took to it immediately. So much so, that it’s become a staple on the festival line-up. Last year’s Radju Haj was even more of a blast watching people dance and giggle to the same music while a literal two steps away other were jumping to a completely different vibe.

Here are our top 4 reasons why you should consider hosting a silent disco for your next themed house party.

No neighbourly feuds

A significant advantage of silent parties is the minimal noise disturbance they create. By utilising wireless headphones with active noise cancellation, partygoers can enjoy their choice of music without disturbing neighbors or nearby residents. You won’t be embarrassed to have coffee on the terrace the next day.

No pesky po-po at the door

The neighbours need their beauty sleep, and rightly so. Silent parties effortlessly adhere to government-imposed noise restrictions, as the wireless headphones prevent sound from escaping the designated party area. This allows you, the host, to organise late night gatherings without causing disturbances. How’s that for an environmentally-friendly and responsible approach to social events?

You can chat without getting hoarse

Silent parties foster greater social interaction among guests. As the music is confined to individual headphones, attendees can easily remove them to engage in conversation without the need to shout or strain to hear one another.

Riviera party? Why not!

From Mġiebaħ beach to that abandoned quarry off Dingli, the island’s your oyster as long as you’ve got a pair of headphones. Just make sure you’re not trespassing on anyone’s property, of course. The silent party concept allows for unparalleled versatility in choosing a venue.

In conclusion, silent parties have absolutely no downside. Just ask your guests to bring their own bluetooth headphones, share the pairing details and you’re good to go!

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