Spotlight on animals: Jimmy gets his fairytale ending

Video courtesy of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare.

Kurt always knew that he wanted a pet, but wasn’t quite sure how his wife Kyra would react. Much stalking – of animal rescue pages, not the creepy kind – later, a photo of the cutest gentle giant comes up, and he couldn’t resist showing it to Kyra.

Kyra’s reaction was instant: “call them and let’s go visit now”. Jimmy’s back story is a tough one to stomach – he was found abandoned, missing patches of fur and had been probably kept tied up for the entirety of his two years.

The couple starting visiting and eventually adopted Jimmy. Today he is king of the sofa and king of Kurt and Kyra’s hearts. Ready to add some loving (and the responsibility to go with it) to your life? Find out more by calling or messaging on 79800046.

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