‘My son was the reason I started blogging’

The mother-and-son duo that’s Lorinda and Henry are well-loved by the local online community. Lorinda shares her experience as content creator.
Henry and Lorinda Mamo.

Lorinda Mamo (@abirdwithafrenchfry_) first made her name as a blogger of baby products, before making the transition to social media platforms, including Instagram, where she has over 10,000 followers. While she often collaborates with many brands, it is her personal posts detailing her adventures with Henry – her son, who was born with medical complexities – that have gained her a loyal following. In honour of Mother’s Day, we caught up with the creative to find out more about her social media game.

Describe your social media game: I really just enjoy posting photos and writing meaningful captions, which can sometimes be serious and, at other times, fun or informative. I just try to show real life and stay as positive as possible even when days are rough. 

My followers tend to be: I have a bit of a mix ranging from younger to older. I think my content is relatable to many: mothers, young people who want to look at the positive side of things, people going through something tough like a medical diagnosis, or parents whose children have medical conditions. I find a vast range of followers make up my audience. 

What made you take up such a career? I never thought of it as a career; I just wanted to start sharing my experiences and the things that changed my life in good ways and bad. I never imagined it becoming a career, honestly, but I felt less alone when I shared my vulnerabilities, and found people could relate. As hard as it may be to share certain things, I realised that I was also helping people in one way or another, and it just grew from there

What do you believe is the role of an influencer? Ultimately, I believe that an influencer has a responsibility to be honest and trustworthy and, if there is anything that should be influenced, it should be how to live a better life with oneself and with others. 

Why do you believe your content is relatable? I share things about parenting, lifestyle, fashion, general wellbeing, and positivity, as well as life’s ups and downs. So, I’d say it’s pretty relatable to many. 

One of your main inspirations tends to be your son, tell us more about it: My son was the reason I started blogging about baby products – way back when blogging was the ‘in’ thing to do, which strangely seems like decades ago now. Things were tough for a while, but I was always inspired to write and share; it’s almost like a diary of sorts. Henry has brought up thoughts and feelings that have evoked so much emotion, and social media is a way to share these emotions through photos and words. 

Children and social media: what’s your opinion on the matter? I think it’s a very personal thing and I don’t have judgment or opinion really, because I think everyone has the right to do what they feel is best for them and their family. Those who choose not to show their children aren’t in the wrong, it’s just a personal preference. Some may disagree that I show my child, but I am sharing my life and he makes up a huge part of it, especially with all the struggles he’s/we’ve been through. I was concerned about it for some time especially when people started recognising us more, and it was hard to explain when he was younger, which is when I questioned it most, but as time went by, he understood, and I now ask him for permission to post things. 

Who do you follow online, and why? The Wandering Four (@the_wandering_four): I love following their travel adventures as they really inspire me to one day be able to travel a little with my son, too. I also follow Melissa Gatt (@melissagatt), as I love her super colourful feed full of the wonderful recipes she creates with healthy foods; Danita (@onechickandayorkie), who is down to earth, says the things we all think, and is hilarious; Plantfulina, who is super creative with plant-based meals (@plantfulina); and It’s Actually Mariel (@its_actually_mariel), whose impeccable style and aesthetic I just love.

TikTok – evil or amazing? Why? Neither evil nor amazing because I just didn’t get the hang of it. I think it’s an age thing.

I want to up my social media game. What do I do? Do what makes you happy and be consistent about it. 

How often do you post? When I have something to share, which is generally once every day or two – but never more than once a day.

Can spontaneity and influencer co-exist? There is spontaneity involved but, as an influencer, you must have some sort of plan in place, especially when working with brands and companies that need content for campaigns. The spontaneity can come out in personal posts and a little less in collaborative posts.

Any nasty stalker stories? Not a stalker as such, but someone who kept telling me off for never showing my husband in the photos. They told me I should be ashamed of myself and that it’s not fair that I don’t show my husband/the father of my child. At first, I tried to explain/justify my behaviour, but then I knew I didn’t owe any explanation. When they kept badgering, I just blocked them. 

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