5 stunning Maltese buildings to explore

Tired of looking at concrete? Let’s fix that for you.
Xlendi Tower in Gozo

Modern life is so fast-paced that we tend to forget about the hidden treasures that lie outside our everyday routine.

Whether beaches, a hidden restaurant, or a touristic attraction, there’s always something to discover. Like unique architecture, for example. 

Yes, you read that correctly, there’s more than just blocks of flats around. Just like these five stunning buildings I’m going to talk about right now.

1 – Xlendi Tower, Xlendi

The oldest of the four surviving free-standing towers in Gozo, you’ll find the Xlendi Tower within the limits of Munxar. It was first constructed to defend ix-Xlendi Bay in 1650, during the reign of Grand Master Lascaris.

2 – Monsateru ta’ San Pietru, Mdina

Malta is full of beautiful churches, by the Monsateru ta’ San Pietru is really one of a kind. This one’s been around since the early 15th century and is home to paintings by Mattia Preti and Francesco Zahra.

3 – Robert Samut Hall – Floriana

Originally a church, this cultural centre is close to the Argotti Botanical Gardens in Floriana. The Neo-Gothic building was built in 1883 and is named after the mastermind who wrote the Maltese National Anthem. 

4 – Auberge d’Italie, Valletta

This stunning building was built in the 16th centure to accomodate knights of the Order of St John who spoke Italian. It started off with a Marrist style but took on a more Baroque character when it was renovated in the 1680s.

5 – Verdala Palace, Buskett

Grand Master La Vallette used the Verdala Palace as a hunting lodge in the mid-1500s. It then became a prison for French soilders in the late 1790s. You may have to enjoy this one from the outside, as it is rarely open to the public. Either way, it’s a stunning piece of architecture.

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