Wave goodbye to waves

No more bad hair days.

If you straighten your hair at home, the new Dyson Airstrait may just be the tool you’ve been looking for. This recently-launched gadget by the world-renowned technology solution company can style wet hair without the need to dry it first and without causing it any damage.

The Dyson Airstrait does away with the traditional hotplates found in most straightening irons, replacing them instead with two sheets of airflow that converge onto your hair. The angle at which this airflow hits the hair ensures that it dries and styles simultaneously, taking wet hair to dry and styled in one swoop. 

In essence, this means that you don’t need to rough-dry your hair using a hairdryer first. It also means that you won’t be causing the damage traditionally associated with using a traditional straightening iron directly on wet hair – a process which essentially boils the water clinging to your hair, causing certain hydrogen and disulfide bonds to break down. 

The company has explained that this technology has been in the making for over a decade, with Dyson engineers constantly looking at ways in which airflow can be used to style hair without damaging it. This is not surprising as some of the company’s most successful inventions in this category use airflow in pretty cool ways. 

Among the other hair products available from Dyson are the coveted Supersonic Hair Dryer, which has been engineered to protect hair from extreme heat thanks to its intelligent heat control that measures air temperature 40 times per second; and the Airwrap Styler, the curling, shaping, and smoothing tool that comes with plenty of attachments for different-length hair. 

The Dyson Airstrait comes in two colour options: Nickel/Copper or Prussian Blue/Rich Copper. Nevertheless, as with all other things Dyson, whichever one you choose will set you back quite a pretty penny as it’s currently retailing for $499.99 on the official Dyson site.

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