Saint James Eye Clinic hosts third Refractive Conference

International experts discuss latest advances in refractive surgery.

The Saint James Eye Clinic hosted its third annual Refractive Conference in April. The conference was attended by a host of international experts specializing in ophthalmic surgery, with the event theme focusing on the latest technological advances and modalities in refractive surgery. Participants attended from Malta, Italy, Croatia and Hungary, making it a truly international event.

One of the most notable attendees was Dr Francesco Carones, a world-renowned ophthalmic surgeon from Advalia Clinic in Milan. Dr Carones was recently voted one of the 100 most respected and influential ophthalmologists in the world, making his presence at the event particularly noteworthy.

The conference began with an introductory speech by Saint James Hospital CEO, Mr Jean Claude Muscat, who welcomed the local and international delegates.

Saint James Hospital group have an Eye Clinic both locally as well as in Hungry. Both clinics are ISO 9001 certified which reflects the high quality standards of excellence in opthalmology clinics.

Following the keynote speech by Dr Carones, a series of talks and presentations were given by other experts in the field. The topics ranged from the latest refractive solutions for middle aged people wanting to remove their dependency on spectacles or contact lenses through the use of intraocular lenses and corneal refractive surgery. Other topics discussed where one-stop-shop solutions for younger individuals wanting to see clearly without glasses through the use of laser-refractive surgery. Attendees were able to learn about cutting-edge surgical techniques and gain insight into how these technologies are changing the field of ophthalmic surgery. Most of these technologies are already available at the Saint James Eye Clinic.

Overall, the Refractive Conference was a resounding success. The conference highlighted the most advanced technologies and surgical procedures in the field of ophthalmic surgery, and with attendees being given the opportunity to gain knowledge and valuable insight from some of the most respected experts in the world. The success of this event demonstrates that Saint James Eye Clinic will continue to be a leader in the field of ophthalmic surgery for years to come.

Such conferences enhance the continuity of knowledge and inspire surgeons to deliver the best service and surgical modalities for their patients. It is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Saint James Eye Clinic team who together with Saint James Hospital made this international event a success, paving the way for future plans and investments in advanced technologies in the field of ophthalmic surgery worldwide. •

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