5 summer snacks for your beachbag

Are you the ftira or the pasta salad type?
malta beach food

It’s that time of the year again and all us summer people are itching to make it to the beach. Food is of course part of the day under the sun, and since food is a passion of mine, here are some summer snacks for you to enjoy while catching some rays.

1. Ftira Maltija 

My all-time favourite. Make one at home or grab one at the beach; you can never go wrong with a classic Maltese ftira filled with tuna, kunserva (tomato paste), olives, and capers.

2. Watermelon

Watermelon is the perfect refreshing snack if you have a cooler and, if you don’t, most beach kiosks serve fresh summer fruit. Chop them onto a skewer and add some melon and grapes for the perfect summery snack.

3. Pasta salad

If you fancy something a bit heavier, pasta salad is the way to go. Add cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, a can of tuna, and some spices, and you’re good for that beach lunch.

4. Cold sandwiches

There’s plenty you can do here. Ham, turkey, grilled halloumi, vegetables, cheese – the list goes on. Sandwiches are great as you can cut them in halves or quarters and you can nibble on them throughout the day.

5. Ice Cream

A treat I love having while walking to my car. You’ll find ice cream at any beach kiosk. The question here is, do you prefer Magnums or cornettos? 

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