‘I can still remember the magic of the ’70s in Malta’

Groovy outfits and groovy music are the order of the day for Ellie, il-Musical.
Jeremy Grech and Clare Agius. Photo: Lyndsey Bahia.

A flower-powered new musical performed in Maltese and English will premiere at Teatru Manoel at the end of June.

Based on an idea by creative producer Antoine Farrugia and written by Simon Bartolo, Ellie, il-Musical is set in Malta in the iconic age of the 1960s and 70s, complete with the groovy fashions and a repertoire full of unforgettable songs of the day.

Ready to take audiences at Teatru Manoel on the ultimate nostalgia trip, the musical’s top cast features Jeremy Grech, Clare Agius, Alex Portelli, Patrick Vella, Christine Francalanza, Mariah Mangion and Eliza Aquilina. Alongside Josette Ciappara as director, the show’s creative team also includes choreographer Warren Bonello, vocal coach Sean Borg and musical director Elton Zarb.

“I’m a nostalgic person, especially about that era. I can still hear the sounds, recall the smells and remember the magic of the 70s in Malta – and of course, the music,” says Antoine Farrugia. “For Ellie, il-Musical, we have excellent new and established artists interpreting a vast catalogue of music from that time. And as for premiering at Teatru Manoel: working at the national theatre is a dream that actors and production members never refuse!”

In Ellie, il-Musical, the future looks bright for four ambitious teens. The light-hearted, funny and relatable story follows the four friends in Malta in the late 1960s, who compete against each other in an annual event at the Yellow Music Club for the best covers of songs from The Beatles’ catalogue. The Club’s owners suggest they form a group of their own – but for two of the friends, Kate and Ellie, their auditions to continue their musical studies abroad may mean they won’t stay in Malta much longer. The Club’s co-owner contacts an old flame in Liverpool to ask for her help, much to his wife’s annoyance, while Ellie’s parents can’t seem to agree on anything. Can everyone finally accept that all they need is love?

For the premiere of Ellie, il-Musical at Teatru Manoel on June 30, the show’s very first audience can even wear groovy outfits inspired by the 1960s and 70s and sing and dance along at the exclusive Zebra Carpet event.

Ellie, il-Musical brings together various generations to experience life in Malta during a different time,” adds the show’s creative producer. “We want the audience to feel as though they are in a club, grooving and singing along to retro hits of a bygone age.”

Ellie, il-Musical will take place at Teatru Manoel on June 30 and on July 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. This production is suitable for audiences aged six and above. Tickets and more information are available via www.teatrumanoel.mt or by email to bookings@teatrumanoel.mt or by calling on 2124 6389. 

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