3 local podcasts that are really worth the hype

Local podcasters have taken their craft to the next level, and we’re here to give you the lowdown on three of our favourite series that are worth adding to your list.
Radju Ħaj is one of our recommended podcasts of the week. Photo: Facebook

Whether you’re driving, having a long bath, or just unwinding after a tiring day, a great podcast is a great way to grow your knowledge in an entertaining way. Having said that, there are now thousands of productions from across the world, so it can sometimes feel impossible to pick one. That’s why we’ve done some digging to bring you three local ones that are really, really good!

Treasures from Malta is a podcast about Malta’s living treasures, namely people who have made it big in their respective industries. The first two seasons ran for a combined 32 episodes and included food historian and cook Matty Cremona, tenor Joseph Calleja, celebrity photographer Lorenzo Agius, maritime archaeologist Timmy Gambin, and soprano Gillian Zammit, to mention but a few. What makes it particularly interesting is how host and presenter Francesca Balzan goes below the surface to take listeners into the minds and hearts of these national treasures. 

Mużika Mod Ieħor ma’ Toni Sant is perfect for anyone who loves discovering local music. Hosted by academic and former radio/TV presenter Toni Sant, the podcast has featured hundreds of tracks by local artists over its 667-episode (and counting) run. What we love about it is that, unlike most other podcasts, this tends to be more about the music than interviews, making it feel like an ad-free radio session. The podcast is released weekly, and you can even watch a video-version on Toni Sant’s YouTube page.

Radju Ħaj is one of the funniest things ever to come out of Malta and the secret to its success lies in the presenters, who are absolutely hilarious and incorrigible. The name of the podcast gives a clear indication of what you can expect, with the word ‘ħaj’ referring to intoxication rather than being alive. There have now been six seasons and has featured plenty of guests, including some really big names. You can find this on MixCloud, but be warned that it’s for adults.

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