5 podcasts to add to your list

If you’re constantly on the lookout for new content to stream, these five recommendations will definitely go down a treat!
India Rakusen presents 28ish Days Later. Photo: Liam Bailey

Whether you’re chilling at home, stuck in traffic, or waiting in line at the doctor’s surgery, podcasts are a great way of keeping yourself entertained while learning something new. Here we share five that have recently caught our fancy – who knows, one of them might be your next favourite!

Patented: History of Inventions is one of the many podcasts produced by History Hit, which is like the Netflix for history documentaries. In this one, host Dallas Campbell looks at the history behind everything from AI to Tabasco sauce, and the Ouija board to April Fool’s Day.

Bad Women is a Pushkin production that aims to give a voice to the women killed by Jack the Ripper in season one, and the Blackout Ripper in season two. The podcast, which is hosted by historian Hallie Rubenhold and criminologist Alice Finnes, turns the whole narrative around and forces us to come to terms with the fact that we often glorify murderers more than the victims. 

28ish Days Later is a BBC Radio 4 podcast that aims to bust the taboo surrounding periods. Hosted by journalist India Rakusen, each episode explores what is happening in a woman’s body on that particular day of the cycle while discussing everything from flow to period tracker apps, and the best foods to eat to period advertising campaigns.

The Globalist by Monocle Radio is a daily, one-hour-long podcast that sees radio editors, presenters, and guests set the news agenda for the day. Each episode features a discussion on multiple hot news items from around the world, helping you stay up to date with everything happening.

The Witch Farm is an eight-part BBC Radio 4 production that explores a 1989 haunting of a farm in rural Wales. Written and presented by Danny Robins, who is the brains behind the award-winning podcast The Battersea Poltergeist and the Uncanny series, The Witch Farm features interviews with those who lived through this real-life ghost story, as well as dramatised adaptations of the story.

Have more podcasts for us to share or reviews? Drop us a line. If you’re looking for more Sunday Circle magazine new content ideas check out 5 Netflix binges for the Italophile in you.

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