5 creative ways to use ChatGPT in everyday life

From keyword research to image generation prompts: here are five ways to use ChatGPT to make your work and life that much easier.

Blog topics: Did you know that ChatGPT can help you brainstorm topics for your personal or company blog, website, or social media posts? All you have to do is ask it for ideas related to the topic you’re working on, say fashion trends or cars, and what you’d like to use the information for. 

Structure your writings: If you’re working on an assignment or a report, then you may find it useful to ask ChatGPT to help you structure it by suggesting headlines and subheadings… You may be surprised by the things you’d have otherwise missed out on!

SEO research: Although ChatGPT is not strictly a search engine optimisation (SEO) research tool, it can be used to find keywords that are pertinent to any topic. Using these can help you better understand what your audience is searching for, as well as boost your chances at ranking higher on Google.

Get statistics & sources: ChatGPT 4 is great at surfing the net, which makes it a great tool for putting together a resource full of real statistics about practically anything. The best part is that when you ask it for such statistics, it actually gives you the source, which allows you to double check the information. You can only access this if you use the paid version.

Create image prompts: If you love using AI image generators, then we’re sure you’ve spent many hours trying to think of beautiful or random things you could create. So, if you’re ever stuck – or if you ever want to be surprised –ask ChatGPT to come up with an image prompt for you! Just be sure to give it the relevant keyword/topic and that you’re looking specifically for an image prompt.

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