Nadine Micallef-Grimaud works on show

Artist kicks off a month long residency at The Phoenicia.
Mischievious Spirits in the Temple, by Nadine Micallef-Grimaud.

A solo exhibition by artist Nadine Micallef-Grimaud is now showing at The Phoenicia. Titled Enchanted Visions, the exhibition includes both landscape paintings and abstracts.

Exhibition curator Louis Lagana comments: “This exhibition is another milestone and significant moment in the artistic journey of Nadine Micallef-Grimaud. The use of fantasy and experimentation by the artist demonstrates unique and innovative creations that challenge traditional notions of form and style.

“By ushing the boundaries of her chosen medium, the artist is continuously exploring new ways and materials to create striking and unexpected visual effects. In her art career, Micallef-Grimaud took risks and succeeded with new avenues of expression. She is celebrating her creativity and deep passion for the beauty and power of art.” The exhibition runs until July 31.

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