Barbie Crocs are now a thing!

It seems like an unlikely collaboration, but the Crocs x Barbie collection actually adds some fun and sophistication to the foam clogs everyone loves to hate.
Photo courtesy of Crocs.

Barbie’s permanently arched feet are an integral part of the iconic doll’s personality: Barbie does not wear flats. So much so that the whole world went mad over feet scene in the upcoming Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie movie, during which Margot Robbie, who plays the titular character, steps out of her heels and lands straight on her tiptoes.

Yet, if the original Barbie thought flats, Birkenstocks, and Chelsea boots would be an issue, then she has another thing coming because there is now a Crocs x Barbie collection, featuring five quirky, fun, and very, very pink designs. 

At the top of the range is the Mega Crush Club Crocs, which comes with an oversized platform and glitter. Then there’s the Crush Clogs, the Classic Clogs, the Kids’ Cutie Clogs, and the Cozzzy Sandals, which is lined with pink shearling! Practically all of them come with Barbie-related charms, including pink handbags, white boots, pink cars, and the instantly-recognisable Barbie logo.

The in-store prices for these are pretty decent, starting from $65 for the Cozzzies (approx. €58) and going up to $85 for the Mega Crush (approx. €75). The kids’ version retail for $60 (approx. €53.50). Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if you see the Crocs selling for hundreds of euro on websites like eBay, especially once they sell out. 

And trust us, just like the Balenciaga Crocs, these are sure to fly off the shelves, especially since they are in more people’s price ranges and given Barbie’s resurgence thanks to the movie.

We are not entirely sure how feel about them ourselves, but we have to admit that they are a fun addition to the Crocs family!

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