New addition to Sisley’s L’Eau Revee series

L’Eau Revee D’Eliy celebrates the unique aromas found in nature.

Sisley, the international leader in luxury cosmetics and fragrances, has just launched L’Eau Revee D’Eliy, a part of the evolving fragrance portfolio that celebrates the unique aromas and inspirations found in nature.

L’Eau Revee D’Eliy, a new addition to this Sisley line, transports you to a utopian rainforest that springs to life after a gentle rain. Immerse yourself in the bouquet of returns after the rain, with the fragrance’s mystifying warm and aromatic atmosphere.

Sparkling sivas meld with exotic flowers, tuberose, and violets, creating an intriguing blend that awakens the senses.

The L’Eau Revee series also includes:

L’Eau Revee D’Aria – a sensitive and spicy fragrance that combines spicy ginger with notes of flowers, hints of peach, and leather, echoing the ambiance of a lavish dress party.

L’Eau Revee D’Alma – capturing the essence of the French countryside with rivers, ponds, and reeds, the aroma combines delicate watery irises and icy cardamom, resulting in a pure and joyful scent.

L’Eau Revee D’Isa – a unisex perfume, linking a magical blend of essences in a surprising alchemy, revealing the vibrancy of white flowers mixed with the intensity of spices.

L’Eau Revee D’Ikar – inspired by the myth of Icarus and Corsica’s fresh landscapes, this scent reveals warm, unexpected notes with the essence of green mastic pistachio and earthy vetiver.

L’Eau Revee D’Hubert – a two-color snap fragrance that balances intensely fragrant breath of peppermint, clear notes of greens, and accents of damp earth, offering a refined natural touch.

Each perfume in the L’Eau Revee series tells a unique story, capturing a snapshot of our rich heritage, sensual experiences, and nature’s mysteries.

The L’Eau Revee series is exclusively distributed by Franks. More ingredient information can be found on www.franks.com.mt.

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