Studio 18 celebrates 10 years

The theatre company is syonymous with empowering youth and championing theatre in Malta
Part of the Studio 18 team in action. Photo: Facebook.

Studio 18, an innovative base camp for theatre training and theatre for young audiences, celebrated its 10th anniversary on the 14th July. Over the past decade, Studio 18 has nurtured thousands of young people, providing them with a space to grow and develop through high-quality theatre experiences. As a key stakeholder in Malta’s theatre and arts education scene, Studio 18 has become synonymous with excellence and innovation.

With the vision of Creative Director Jean-Marc Cafa’ at the helm, Studio 18 has evolved to become a driving force in Malta’s theatre industry. Cafà and his dedicated team, including professionals such as Aleandro Spiteri Monisgneur, Simone Spiteri, and Rachel Fabri, have brought their expertise and passion to create unparalleled learning experiences in the local theatre arts scene.

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