3 Facebook groups where you can get free stuff

Whether you’re looking for stuff for your home or have stuff you no longer need, these three Maltese Facebook groups can help you out.

They say one person’s trash is another person’s treasure, and that’s certainly true on sites like eBay, MaltaPark, and Facebook Marketplace. The same can be said for certain Facebook groups where people give away their unwanted things, which can be a lot fancier than you might first expect.

So, without further ado, here are three pages you should start following for that unexpected treasure or much-needed necessity.

RECYCLE MALTA ( FREE ITEMS ONLY ): 85,000 members have joined this channel looking for a great bargain. Things given away here have included office desks, old furniture, numerous original Disney DVDs, a wine fridge, scratch posts, and a Tommee Tippee bottle machine, to mention a few.

Recycle Malta Kollox b’Xejn: This page has over 35,000 members. In the days preceding the writing of this article, listings included a set of four beautiful wooden chairs, a fridge, a sizeable bookcase in what seemed to be mahogany, and a glass coffee table. 

FREE in MALTA (Recycle Items): This group comprises 24,800+ users, and there’s a lot you can get your hands on here. We came across a leather corner sofa, a huge corner oak unit, clothes, dog beds, toys, and some white goods. There were also wooden pallets, for those who would like to do some DIY jobs.

Of course, in all instances, it’s important to check the pages regularly as things go pretty quickly. Moreover, you can also give away your stuff here, so they could help you Marie Kondo your place faster!

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