Here’s why your cosmetics belong in the fridge

Warm temperatures could be destroying the very ingredients that make your skincare and cosmetics do their job – keeping them in the fridge can solve that.

Social media has given rise to many trends over the past few years – who can forget the time youngsters started eating laundry detergent for a few likes, right? But there is one trend that might actually be worth getting onboard, especially in Malta’s super hot climate.

Heat destroys certain chemicals: Retinol, vitamin C, and benzoyl peroxide are not the most stable of chemicals, which means that when they are exposed to heat, their composition could change. Keeping products that contain such chemicals in the fridge can make them stay stable for longer and help you get the most out of the ingredients.

Eye creams and masks gain extra benefits: It’s the most obvious thing in the world but placing items in the fridge means they are cooler to the touch. For certain skincare like eye creams, serums, face masks, and sheet masks, being at a colder temperature could help boost the circulation, reduce redness and inflammation, and de-puff.   

Cosmetics last longer: Foundation, eyeliner, mascara, and other liquid make-up products actually expire much faster than we realise, especially after they’ve been opened. By putting such items in a fridge, you could extend their shelf life and keep the items fresher for longer.

Having said all this, there are a number of things we need to discuss. For a start, the TikTok trend of the #Shelfie shows that TikTokers have dedicated skincare fridges. These do not come cheap and they are not entirely necessary: you could always just designate an area for skincare in your normal fridge. 

Having said that, keep in mind that the best temperature for cosmetics and skincare is between 10°C-15°C, while that for milk is around 4.5°C. So, if you can afford a dedicated fridge go for it; if not, check where the warmest part of your normal fridge is and store your cosmetics there – hint, it’s usually the door or the dairy compartment, at around 8°C.

Finally, keep in mind that cosmetics and skincare go through rigorous testing and have plenty of preservatives to keep them shelf stable. Storing them in a fridge helps them last longer, yes, but it doesn’t mean that anything that’s out of the fridge should be discarded. Moreover, just because they’re in a fridge, doesn’t mean they’ll last forever, so always check the expiration date and the texture of the products before using.

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