4 reasons to visit Esplora this summer

Esplora in Kalkara ensures a time filled with fun, thrills and educational opportunies for families and visitors of all ages, while providing cool respite from the scorching heat. Here’s how:
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1. Esplora boasts a climate-controlled environment, providing visitors with immediate relief from the hot sun and sweltering heat, allowing them to make the most out of the whole experience.

2. Once at Esplora, visitors will get all the assistance and guidance they need throughout their whole experience there. The highly qualified and friendly staff spare no effort in guaranteeing a fantastic time for everyone. Want to learn more about Earth and the planets? Eager to conduct your very own science experiments? Or maybe you want to know from which exhibit to start? Esplora’s team members are there to answer any questions you may have and to provide all the help that you need.

      3. Esplora does not only promise a fun-filled and delightful experience, but also an educational one. Exhibits are presented in a perfect blend of education and entertainment, and are jam-packed with key lessons for everyone, turning the science world into an exceptionally engaging experience. From amusing interactive workshops to exciting and action-packed science shows, Esplora aims to keep all visitors excited and full of enthusiasm about science.

      4. To make it even better, this year Esplora has introduced special ‘Family & Friends’ bundles, which are aimed at giving visitors more while paying less. These bundles ensure everyone can have the time of their lives at the science centre, whether made up of a group of three (one adult and two children) for just €12, to nine (three adults and six children) for €36! For more information about Esplora’s ‘Family & Friends’ bundles, click here.

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