These two time-management apps are worth downloading

Time-management can help you reduce distractions and become more productive – these are the two best ones we’ve come across this year!

With so many distractions vying for our attention, it’s no surprise that we all struggle to stay focused at times. The problem with this is that we can often end up wasting precious hours of our day doing absolutely nothing but dead-scrolling through reels or reading strangers’ comments on social media. 

Thankfully, these two time-management apps could help you stay focused, allowing you to achieve more while also ensuring that you can have your downtime in full.

Forest: focus for productivity: This simple app is genius as it basically allows you to plant a virtual seed that takes 30 minutes to become a tree. Over those 30 minutes, if you access any apps you have set on your blacklist, the tree will die. If not, it will live and, over the course of the days, weeks, and months, you’ll plant a digital forest, showing you how far you’ve come – but that’s only one side of it. Although this app costs €3.99 to download, you’ll also receive virtual currency every time you manage to grow a tree in the app. This currency can then be used to buy actual trees, which the app’s creators will plant. So far over one million trees have been planted thanks to this app and people’s focus.

Todoist: If you’re looking for an app that can help you create to-do lists, as well as to prioritise the items on it, then this is for you. Great for work and personal life, this app comes with natural language recognition, meaning that if you type ‘Call mum tomorrow’, it will automatically place the reminder on the next day’s list without you having to physically pick the dates, times, and so on. It’s also great because it gives users a boost of gratification every time they tick a completed box. The app can be downloaded for free, though a pro version is available for €4 per month (€3 per month, but billed annually). 

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