5 ways to reduce your electricity bill

A few steps can go a long way.

After the rent/home loan, utility costs, including electricity, likely make up one of the most significant portions of monthly budgets for the typical Maltese household. In fact, according to Eurostat figures, while Malta has some of the lowest prices in Europe, we consume enough that the fees we pay still increase regularly. However, reducing your family’s energy costs is possible by following some smart, practical, cost-cutting tips from the heating and cooling experts at Mitsubishi Electric. Consider these ways to help dial down your energy bills.

Service HVAC systems regularly

To ensure the best performance and efficiency possible, find a licensed contractor to keep your heating and cooling system well-maintained and serviced throughout the year. There are some tasks many homeowners can handle on their own, like keeping outdoor units free of debris and changing air filters. Some filters are removable and washable, saving you money. However, bringing in a professional once or twice  a year for maintenance and to ensure proper function of ductwork and electrical components is also essential.

Use appliances during non-peak hours

Rather than using stoves, ovens and clothing dryers in the afternoon hours, consider doing so early in the morning or late in the evening. Peak time for many electricity user is between noon and 6pm,  meaning using these appliances outside of this timeframe when conventional heating and cooling systems are likely running full throttle can help lower energy costs.

Upgrade your system

Homeowners that opt for energy-efficient air-conditioning and heating options can benefit both from energy subsidies and lower bills. For example, Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps provide more energy-efficient cooling and heating that equals cost and energy savings as well as a reduced carbon footprint for homeowners.

Installing a smart electrical panel alongside an all-electric heat pump enables homeowners to monitor and control energy consumption on-site or remotely using a smartphone for better overall efficiency and utility cost savings.

Harness the sun’s energy with solar panels

According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, the amount of sunlight that strikes the Earth’s surface in 90 minutes could power the world’s total energy usage for a full year. Investing in solar panels can help decrease energy bills and increase your home’s sustainability. Additionally, the government offers incentives to help reduce installation costs. Many of us have rooftops, let’s use them well.

Avoid heating or cooling unused spaces

One mistake many homeowners make is forgetting to adjust their temperature settings when leaving the house. Whether you’re headed out for the weekend or just headed to work for the day, running your system in an empty house can result in unnecessarily high utility bills.

Multi-zone, all-electric heat pumps like those from Mitsubishi Electric allow homeowners to set the comfort level and adjust the temperature in each room, reducing the energy waste of cooling unoccupied rooms. With a smartphone app, you can even adjust the settings remotely.

Find more ways to increase energy savings while making your home more sustainable by visiting MitsubishiComfort.com.

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