An exhibition in two parts

Artist Ray Piscopo showcases new collection in Rabat.
Madonna and Jesus, acrylics on canvas.

A Vision of Humanity and the Psyche is a solo art exhibition of paintings by Ray Piscopo. The collection of paintings is divided into two art exhibitions, one following the other. In the first exhibition, the artist is showing his more realistic style yet unique in the way he created his figures. Most of the themes have a religious, social, and personal message. In the second art exhibition, the artist used a more liberal, spontaneous, and line-art style of painting addressing issues related to humanity and the present situations in life. 

Consciousness is of utmost importance to all humans, because it is the key to freedom. Unfortunately, that is what is missing in today’s world. In this collection of works, Ray Piscopo is taking us through an artistic journey exposing universal truths about humanity. His paintings are an important metaphor with a strong social and political message. 

The exhibition runs in two parts, between September 2 and 16 and September 17 and 29, at the Wignacourt Museum in Rabat. It is curated by Louis Laganà.

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