Delve into a decade’s worth of Kris Micallef photography

Undisclosed Summer is the latest solo exhibition by Kris Micallef. Through it, the photographer lets viewers explore his photographic journey from the past 10 years.
Photo: Kris Micallef

Undisclosed Summer is a must-see exhibition highlighting the inspirations behind the lens of Kris Micallef, one of Malta’s best-known photographers. On at the Splendid in Valletta, the exhibition gives audiences a rare glimpse into Micallef’s archive. In fact, the exhibition is a retrospective of Micallef’s 10-year journey.

Curated by Samira D’Amato, a German-Maltese curator and filmmaker based in Amsterdam, Undisclosed Summer follows Micallef’s main focuses over this decade, with his art mainly focusing on the male form and underwater portraits. 

Moreover, this exhibition includes work from Micallef’s erotic series, many of which have been shrouded by censorship. Speaking about this, Micallef explained that ‘it’s essential to acknowledge this body of work, as it offers a unique and uncensored perspective, inviting viewers to explore a realm that is often hidden from public view.”

On until September 17, Undisclosed Summer is a great way for Micallef to take a step back and see how far he’s come over the past decade. It also gives viewers a glimpse of his evolution as a photographer – the perfect backdrop to muse about where the next 10 will take him.

For more information, visit krismicallef.com.

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