New Teatru Manoel site launched

Maltese language included for the first. time.

Teatru Manoel, has launched a new website and for the first time in the theatre’s history, the site is bilingual. This is also the first time since Manoel launched its original website, that it has gotten a revamp.

The website was designed with the theatre’s patrons in mind, respecting the theatre’s historical heritage and  more importantly in keeping with digital advances and ensuring  the best user experience for Teatru Manoel’s audiences both in and out of the auditorium. This is why it felt essential to give one of our most important tools a new look and interface.

www.teatrumanoel.mt comes with a new calendar that clearly shows when events are on and search functionalities that let you pick your preferred genres, dates and venues. The Learning and Participation page has been improved to create a better user experience for youth and younger audiences who are the core audience of Teatru Manoel’s TOI TOI programme. The page will also be equipped with downloadable resources related to TOI TOI productions, such a resource packs that encourage young audiences to think critically about the topics presented to them.

The website will also have frequent updates about upcoming productions, behind-the-scenes information, and more. The new ‘Opportunities’ page will be a space entirely designated to open calls and vacnacies within the theatre. Audition calls are essential for the theatre’s creative work, but are equally essential to artists interested in working with the theatre. This page will make it easier for artists to find what opportunities are available.

With the introduction of a Maltese version of the website, Teatru Manoel is dedicated to accessibility more accessible to cater for all its patrons. A fun facts blurb has also been introduced to share snippets of information about the theatre’s history, for a more elaborate retelling of Teatru Manoel’s history, patrons can visit the historical timeline on the About Us page. Here, users can also access information about other services that Teatru Manoel offers.

We highly encourage the public to visit www.teatrumanoel.mt to experience the new website for themselves, whilst discovering what’s in the pipeline for the upcoming theatrical season.

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