Looking to better navigate your work relationships?

The Secrets from a Coach podcast brings together a wellness coach and a TEDx speaker to help listeners in everything work related!

Work-life balance can come with many tricky situations: how do you ask for that promotion you feel you’re due, or be a good manager to your team, or deal with your performance report? A podcast by the name of Secrets from a Coach has the answers to these and many other career-related questions!

Secrets from a Coach brings together wellness coach Debbie Green and TEDx speaker Laura Thomson-Staveley, two formidable women who have been working with leaders, managers, and employees for over 20 years. Understandably, they know a thing or ten about navigating the sticky world of work by now, and they have been kind enough to share a lot of their knowledge with listeners all across the world.

Each episode of the podcast lasts around 30 minutes, delves into a different area of work-life, including having quality conversations as a manager, restoring work/life boundaries, keeping calm under pressure, and embracing diversity of opinion. What we particularly love about it is that every episode comes with practical tools on how to maximise confidence, build success, be more assertive, and work better with others. 

There are already 150 episodes out, so anyone tuning in will find a treasure trove of information about the best way to boost your career and improve your work relationships. Moreover, new episodes are released regularly!

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