Jean-Paul Gaultier short celebrates new perfume

Gaultier Divine aims to celebrate a new version of femininity that is plural, sensual, and free.

30 years after releasing its first and since-iconic perfume, Classique, Jean-Paul Gaultier gives the fragrance a new lease of life with Divine, a seductive new fragrance for women ‘who create their own rules and write the chapters of their own lives.’

Starting off with the scent itself, this perfume delivers a fluid and sensual tension between two accords – floral and gourmand – which are cut through by a salty vibration. A sunny eau de parfum created by Quentin Bisch, Divine is vegan, cruelty free, and made with ingredients that are 90% of natural origin. 

Meanwhile, the liquid gold is encased in a bottle designed after a woman’s silhouette clad in a golden corset – the Maison’s signature undergarment, which Jean-Paul Gaultier refashioned from a piece of restrictive underwear into a provocative, pop-cultural symbol. The body can be refilled using special refills.

To capture the essence of all of this, the Maison de Gaultier has released a film, starring one of Time Magazine’s Most Influential Teens of 2016, Yara Shahidi, as well as Lola Rodriquez, Thando Hopa, Tess McMillan, Janet Jumbo, and Ana Elisa de Brito. The short film takes viewers into an epic universe where the six muses play with an impossible bottle, which is rattled to cause a storm. Inside the bottle, male model Raphael Diogo becomes the face of Le Male Elixir, an accompanying perfume for men. 

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