There’s now a beauty procedure called ‘Barbie Botox’

The trend, which is currently going viral on TikTok, sees people having Botox or other neurotoxins injected into their trapezius muscle to make their necks look longer and reduce the bulk around their shoulder area.

If it feels like TikTokers are coming up with new trends multiple times a week, it’s because they are, with one of the latest beauty trends taking the short-video-sharing platform by storm being Barbie Botox or, as it has also been dubbed, the ‘trap tox’.

Essentially, Barbie Botox sees licensed specialists injecting Botox, Daxxify, or Xeomin (all considered to be safe neurotoxins) into the trapezius muscle, which is a large, superficial back muscle that extends from back of the head, across the shoulders, and down to the back side of the ribcage. This muscle can often become tense due to it being overused, leading to neck, back, and shoulder pain, as well as it looking bulkier.

Through Botox or other approved neurotoxins, the muscle can be made to temporarily stop contracting, reducing the pain and giving followers of the Barbie Botox trend a slender-looking neck and less bulky shoulders, mimicking the iconic look of the Mattel doll.

Given it is performed by a trained and licensed practitioner, there doesn’t seem to be any side-effects apart from those normally associated with Botox itself. Moreover, the effects of this Botox treatment tend to last up to four months, with those of Daxxify and Xeomin lasting longer.

As with any other procedure of the sort, we recommend speaking to a professional for the full picture.

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