This beautiful horse needs your help

A donation of anywhere between €12.50 and €50 can help the Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation sanctuary nurse Nola back to full health and give her a more comfortable life.
Donations are needed so that Nola can undergo rehabilitation treatment.

As we explained in our introductory article, Help these ladies match some furry friends with their forever home, we’ve teamed up with the wonderful HUH – Help Us Help to bring you profiles of pets who are currently waiting to find their new home.

In this article, however, we’ve got a different proposition: a donation to Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation to help a young mare get nursed back to health. 

We have all the information below. However, it’s important to note that the donations through the website listed below go directly to sanctuary, with neither x2.timesofmalta.com nor HUH – Help Us Help acting as intermediaries.

Meet Nola

The beautiful Nola was taken in by Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation this October following a report made to Animal Welfare, who responded within two hours and saved her from the terrible conditions she was in. 

Nola is not up for adoption per se but, as you can imagine, it takes a lot of money to bring a horse back to full health. Costs include those for vet bills, medication, extra bedding, supplements, food, and lots more. 

You can help Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation take care of Nola by donating money for the following packages:

  • €12.50 for a bale of hay
  • €24.50 for a bale of hay and a packet of hard feed
  • €35.00 for a bale of hay, a packet of hard feed, and a packet of sawdust
  • €50.00 for a bale of hay, a packet of hard feed, a packet of sawdust, and a contribution towards veterinary costs

To make a donation, please visit the Nola SOS Package page on the HRR website.

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