Times of Wine: the end of Prosecco?

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I consider myself to be very lucky to have been daily savouring the privileges so generously offered by the wine world for the past thirty years or so. The sheer enormity of the variety of styles, origins, cultivars, clones, characters and so much more makes of wine such an exciting, dynamic and near-limitless reality.

Every day, I get the chance to learn something new, make a fresh discovery, taste something I had never enjoyed before. Here are some bits of news, some good, others not so much, I wish to share with you today.

We have been hearing so much about English wine of late, and they are very clearly taking matters seriously on that side of the world. And so should we all. It’s a realistic blend of excitement about the growing importance of wine from England and worrying concerns about political and environmental concerns among others. Here is what Jo Gilbert from Harpers.Co.Uk reports about Wine GB (The national association for the English and Welsh wine industry):

New look Wine GB leadership team looks to the future

Wine GB opened its annual tasting at Battersea Arts Centre this morning, with a briefing which sketched what the future might look like for the the UK’s homegrown wine industry.

The lingering impacts of Brexit, the rising price of grapes and ongoing impacts of global warming were all on the agenda in London, where the national body showed off its new leadership team:

“An all female group, the team is headed up Sam Linter, chair of Wine GB and the new wine director at Plumpton College, alongside new CEO Nicola Bates, who officially joins from role as director of strategy and external affairs at the Portman Group in October. Completing the trio is sustainability ambassador, Anne Jones, who joined last month.”


Kylie Minogue Wines joins Oatley Fine Wine Merchants

It seems like even Kyle Minogue can’t get wine out of her head, (I know I know, cheese and wine do make a great match though). She joins a growing number of musicians who have found a new way of expressing their own personality. Kyle launched her brand in 2020 and things have been looking up since. Winetitles Media gives us more:

“Kylie Minogue Wines has joined Oatley Fine Wine Merchants (OFWM) for national Australian distribution from September 1st, 2023.

“Kylie Minogue Wines’ portfolio of 9 wines includes the number one Prosecco Rosé, Signature Rosé and Zero Percent Alcohol Sparkling Rosé in the UK. Since launching in 2020, the brand has sold over 9 million bottles, with a glass of Kylie Minogue Prosecco Rosé sold every 6 seconds. The portfolio of 9 wines includes the number one Prosecco Rosé, Signature Rosé and Zero Percent Alcohol Sparkling Rosé in the UK.


Prosecco could disappear due to climate change, experts warn

Climatic conditions have a very telling impact on the intensity and character of every bottle of wine, on every vintage, on style and personality. On volume, on quality, on value, and the list goes on. Our beloved wine offers more insight into evolving and erratic climatic profiles the world over as it serves as a gauge in its very own way. Here is yet another important reason for us to do our bit for the environment, if ever we needed one.

Charlotte Elton reports for Euronews: “Fragile and under threat’: Prosecco is one of the world’s favourite drinks, but climate change is threatening harvests.Climate change could wipe out Prosecco and other popular European wines, new research has warned. Prosecco – a sparkling white wine produced in Italy’s mountainside vineyards – is one of the continent’s most beloved drinks. But grape yields are dwindling, devastated by a deadly combination of extreme weather and soil degradation.


19 South Australian wineries shortlisted in Best Of Wine Tourism Awards

It comes as no surprise that wine tourism is a prosperous and growing sector since it has its own very unique way of expressing the nature of the people who make it and intricacies of the terrain its vines thrived in. It talks of its origins in the most gratifying way possible. Most wine regions know this and seek to maximise its potential and Winetitles Media tells us how it’s being done in South Australia: “Luxury accommodation in the vineyards, a comedy festival touring world-class wine regions, an exclusive sabrage masterclass, and award-winning cellar door design – these are just some of the shortlisted entrants in the 2024 Best Of Wine Tourism Awards. This year’s program, made possible through Adelaide South Australia’s standing as a Great Wine Capital of the World, saw 29 applications received from seven wine regions across South Australia.”


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