The BBC’s Planet Earth returns with Sir David Attenborough as narrator

17 years after the first season of the Emmy Award-winning Planet Earth first aired, the BBC has announced a third and final season will be coming to screens this month.

When it comes to natural history documentaries, the BBC’s Planet Earth is in a league of its own, offering unparalleled access to the world’s most wonderful creatures and their habitats. Now, 17 years after the series first hit our screens, the BBC is bringing it back for a third and final season narrated by Sir David Attenborough himself.

Announced in August, the BBC has recently released the long-awaited trailer for the third season of Planet Earth. As expected, the third installment in the franchise will take us back to the seas, frozen landscapes, mountains, jungles, and rain forests of the world, and get us up close and personal with all the amazing creates that walk it. Even so, the trailer also gives us a glimpse into the catastrophes that are afflicting the natural world, which might make this series the most heartwrenching yet.

Once again, the series will be narrated by Sir David Attenborough, inarguably one of the world’s most well-known broadcasters and natural historians.

This season follows two others, with the original Planet Earth airing back in 2006. At the time, it took five years to film and introduced audiences across the globe to the magic and splendour of the natural world. Its groundbreaking filming meant it went on to win Emmy, Peobody, and Royal Television Society Awards, as well as being renwered for season two in 2016, with a theme song composed by Hans Zimmer and the honour of being the first BBC production to ever be filmed in 4K.

Planet Earth III is expected to air in the UK and US come October 19. The BBC’s Planet Earth returns with Sir David Attenborough as narrator

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