Nasa’s newest space suits? Yeah, they’re Prada

Prada, along with Axiom Space, will be designing Nasa’s 2025 Moon mission space suits.
Buzz Aldrin wearing the original spacesuit. Photo courteys of NASA.

Nasa’s astronauts will be heading to the Moon in style come 2025 as Prada, the Italian fashion house known for its high-end creations, will be teaming up with space infrastructure company Axiom Space to design the space suits used in the Artemis III mission. 

Although the collaboration may initially seem superficial, an astronaut speaking to the BBC explained that Prada’s experience with composite fabrics, which they used in their work for the America’s Cup competition, means that the fashion brand could actually ‘make real technical contributions to the outer layers of the new space suit’.

The suits are expected to be used in The Artemis III mission, which will see Nasa fly a capsule round the Moon and, potentially, even land on its south polar region. If this is successful, it will be Nasa’s first crewed lunar landing since December 1972, when Apollo 17 saw Eugene Ceman, Ronald Evans, and Harrison Schmitt become the latest and, thus far, last, human beings to ever walk on the surface of the moon.

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