Are you getting spider webbed in your relationship?

Welcome to an extremely toxic dating trend that lives up to its terrifying name.

Social media is always here to remind us of the lows people can go to in order to achieve their goals… One of the latest dating trends some users have been speaking about is a scary concoction of charm, lies, charisma, and manipulation that leaves the victim in a web of deceit that they find extremely difficult to untangle themselves from. 

Called spider webbing, this so-called new trend is often spun at the beginning of a relationship, with the perpetrator first love-bombing (lavishing with attention) their partner before leaving them in the cold by breadcrumbing them (staying in touch without making any commitments), gaslighting them, and turning what they’re told into a weapon that can be used against the victim in bad times. 

All this is peppered with moments of fake affection, adulation, and love, ensuring that the inconsistent behaviour leads the victim to question their reality and to become reliant on the partner to get both affection and confirmation. In other words, the hot-and-cold behaviour makes sure that the victim sticks to the perpetrator, ensuring they find it harder to leave.

Of course, although it’s being referred to as a ‘dating trend’ by many, the reality is that this is in no way a new phenomenon, as such narcissists have existed since the dawn of time. What is new, however, is that there are now people bragging that they do this and giving tips on how it can be done, which is pretty terrifying in itself, especially considering the repercussions.

Victims of such spider webbing can often feel insecure and alone, with affects their self-esteem in the long-run. Moreover, the scar from spider webbing could even affect the victim’s future romantic relationships as trusting may become a rather scary journey. 

That’s why, if you feel like you are being spider-webbed, the best thing you can do is speak to a licensed professional or a friend!

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