A day in the life of a cam girl

Duo performance to take place this evening at Storeroom.

Artist and performer Charlene Galea will perform at Storeroom tonight at 8pm with Dial Triple X . The work, which features a soundtrack by David John Grech (who also co-wrote the script and will be performing alongside Galea) is based on the day of the life in the workplace of a cam girl named DIYOW (Do It Your Own Way) and how she confronts the list of requests by perverted and abusive online clients through the chat calls.

The project will be accompanied by a short performative film that explores the themes of reclaiming and discovering one’s own sexual identity in the face of conservative views on sexuality. The film is set within a fictitious storyline that critiques the concept of virginity within the Catholic Church. Inspired by the Flux art movement, the film takes the audience on a satirical journey with a rebellious woman who challenges the taboos and stigmas that once affected her personal sexual growth. It is directed, edited and performed by Emma Grima and Ben Maier.

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