Ever been to a restaurant where you decide the dinner’s worth?

To mark its 10th anniversary, one restaurant in Valletta is offering patrons the opportunity to do just this.
How much would you pay for this dish at The Harbour Club? Photo: Facebook

Picture going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant and, instead of being presented with the bill, you’re invited to decide yourself how much you should pay. This is exactly how one of Valletta’s most well-known restaurants, The Harbour Club, is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The event is taking place on November 23 and 24, and is an original way of thanking the loyal community that has made The Harbour Club a beloved culinary destination. Patrons will have the unprecedented opportunity to pay whatever they deem fit for their Mediterranean-inspired meals.

Known for its charming ambiance, its terrace with views of the Grand Harbour, its warm service, and a seasonal menu that showcases the richness and diversity of Mediterranean cuisine, The Harbour Club has become a staple in Valletta’s vibrant culinary scene. Each dish served is inspired by one of the capital city’s streets with anecdotes about the street’s history shared with guests.

“We are immensely grateful to our patrons who have made the past 10 years truly special for The Harbour Club,” said owner Charlotte Sullivan. “This celebration is one way of thanking the community that has embraced us and made us a part of their dining traditions. We look forward to welcoming both familiar faces and new friends during this anniversary event.”

Guests will be able to experience a three course meal from its newly launched a’ la carte menu. Beverages consumed will be paid for based on the existing menu prices.

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